Respecting Infants while creating Supportive Environments

What are Families Saying about RISE…

Shannon is so patient and meets not only my child where they are, but me too! I was able to sit back and observe my child and learn different ways she was communicating. It was great having the support of other families (now friends) to bounce ideas off of, and just lean on during the good and tough moments of parenting. Shannon is very calm and the atmosphere is very relaxed. I can’t wait to take another session of classes!
— Melissa D.
Initially when my wife signed us up for the class, I thought it was just another mom-group hangout/another thing added to my weekly schedule. But after a few weeks, I would catch myself getting excited for meetings! These weekly classes have turned out to be a highlight of our week and something we are very grateful to have been a part of. The atmosphere is very casual and safe. We’ve learned so much great information about the language we use as parents, how to support our child in tough times, how to observe, when to intervene and when to let them keep exploring. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In short, we have come away with much more than a few lessons. We have solid tools to use across many circumstances. And the more our toolbox grows, our confidence does as well. And that’s something every parent could use a little more of.
— Chris S.
Shannon masterfully worked directly with the children while simultaneously modeling and teaching great parenting skills and techniques for us observing parents.
I am very grateful for the safe and supportive container that was established for my son to explore and grow in. I feel the experience was a good foundation for his continued cognitive and social development. Jennifer and I both feel we are better parents for having participated. And I am a better therapist in my own practice (for clients with toddlers of their own). We are both more confident as parents knowing for example how to offer praise and encouragement in a healthy empowering way or how to stay conscious and “sportscast” when our little guy is struggling with something rather than jumping in immediately and robbing him of a valuable learning opportunity.
Thank you Shannon Carr. Keep up the good work!
— Erick F.
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Shannon’s class has made such a difference in the way I communicate with my kids. The whining has dramatically decreased and there is way less friction in our home. I am forever grateful!
— Ali T.
Shannon is patient and kind with the kids and parents. She models what she preaches and understands that sometimes “life” gets in the way but is encouraging about picking up where you left off.
— Joy W.
This class, under Shannon’s supervision, provided a sense of calm and direction. It was a good source of answers and provided a set of insights that otherwise would be hard to find. Some immediate benefit was mostly for parents, some for child, but, long-term for both. Thank you!
— Julie A.

What we believe at RISE…


RISE Child is a place that believes in prevention. What can we do now to support you and your child for years to come? Isn't it those childhood memories that haunt us the rest of our lives.

Starting with expectant parents, RISE can provide you the tools to support you on your journey. We can meet you for a home visit, you can come to a workshop, or join us for Parent-Child Groups. 

At RISE we help ALL families of young children foster authentic connections, so they can be happy and healthy, mind-body-soul, without judgement. Services are inspired by RIE®

We believe that there is no one way to parent. We meet you where you are and support you in your journey of parenting.

Our groups, workshops, home visits, and network community encourage babies to be authentic, attentive, and emotionally and socially supportive to one another while giving parents lifelong tools to foster these attributes.